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Congregational Care

"Supporting The Body of Christ" James 5:13-20

The Congregational Care Ministry is crucial to the overall health of the church;

it focuses on the internal health and needs of our church and congregation.

Bereavement  * Birthdays Recognition * Congregational Care Staff  * Financial Empowerment * Health * Interfaith Caregivers  
New Members * Seniors Ministry * Scholarship * Hospitality *Torch Bearers * Ushers * The Shiloh Travel Ministry


To nurture and support families and individuals who are grieving the loss of a loved one and those who are sick and shut-in.


Objective  - Is to demonstrate love for one another through practical means and support.


The Congregational Care Ministry is to love and support families and individuals who are grieving the loss of a loved one; establish a process by service either temporarily or permanently. It has as primary foci class instruction for new members, hospital and home visitation, providing a letter of correspondence to visitors who attend our worship service, prayer or bible studies. Congregational Care also provides communion, taped sermons, prayer and bible study to the sick and shut-in and make them feel loved and a part of the larger congregation.  Our Deacon, Deaconess and Missionary Ministries actively serve in this capacity.


Congregational Liaison Ministry

MISSION:  The Congregational Liaisons endeavor to support the ideas listed below: Unity is important because (1) it makes the church a positive example to the world and helps draw others to us; (2) it helps us cooperate as a body of believers as God meant us to, giving us a foretaste of heaven; (3) it renews and revitalizes ministry because there is less tension to sap our energy. Living in unity does not mean that we will agree on everything; there will be many opinions just as there are many notes in a musical chord, but we must agree on our purpose in life-to work together for God. Our outward expression of unity will reflect our inward unity of purpose. (NIV) 


GOAL: To serve the congregation by presenting concerns, issues, questions, etc., to the appropriate body that make the decisions about the matter and facilitating a timely response and resolution to the concern.


OBJECTIVES: To serve as liaison between the congregation and the Executive Committee, Joint Board and Church Council to ensure that the concerns, ideas and issues of the congregation are brought to the appropriate meeting and are heard; to provide groups, organizations or individuals that have concerns, ideas, questions, or an angst about something within the Church that they feel compelled to express, with a voice through which the idea is expressed in a formal meeting.

Lay Leader Denise Dennis

The goal of this ministry is to help our members who have lost loved ones. This ministry meets the 1st and 3rd Thursdays every month from 5:30p.m. to 7p.m. in the S. Howard Woodson room.  Sister. Dennis is using a resource called “Grief Share” to address the needs of our congregation.


Lay Leader Eunice Lewis

This ministry reaches all of our congregants by way of birthday cards throughout the year. During the Christmas season the ministry distributes cards to our sick and shut in.


This ministry provides assistance to the ministry Director and acts as a liaison between new members, the congregants, ministries and the pastor to address congregational issues. It also informs leadership of any areas that may require attention.


Lay Leader Herbert Goff

This ministry assesses and responds to the health concerns of the congregation.

The health ministry host events that provide information and services related to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Lay Leader Anne Horne

This ministry provides hospitality to both members and visitors in various ways. To be a beacon of light to both members and guest, and to set the tone for fellowship and worship. This ministry also welcomes New Members to our congregation by way of introducing them to the leadership.

Lay Leader Landies Bullock assisted by

Joan Sumners and Marguerte Goff

This ministry provides aid to those who cannot do the activities they use to do. The ministry seeks to attend to and serve congregants who are on our sick and shut in list.


This ministry orients our new members to the “Articles of Faith” and introduces them to Shiloh and other New Members. It  provides New Members with the basic information needed to navigate a large church such as ours, and  prepares New Members for the various Bible studies and other ministries available at Shiloh.


Lay Leader Kay Henderson

This ministry ensures that Shiloh congregants maintain a level of excellence by providing aid to our members for education. This ministry creates guidelines for receiving scholarships from the church. It also solicits the congregation and others to sponsor scholarships.


Seniors Ministry

Chairpersons -  Phillistine Chester and Audrey Willis

This Ministry was established for the Senior members of Shiloh Baptist Church to foster and promote activities for their interests.


Lay Leader Carrie Rogue

This ministry continues to support our church through service.

A schedule of events will be forthcoming.

Shiloh Baptist Church Senior Usher Board Ministry

Ushers are to be representatives of Christ and of our Church. Ushers are one of the first contacts with new comers; therefore, we must welcome worshipers to the Lord’s house with a warm and friendly smile. In us, the hospitality of GOD should be seen. Our role is important because it is the Lord we serve. Moreover, our mission is to usher the worshippers into the sanctuary with a spirit of humility and love. We celebrate the opportunity to serve as abiding servants who adopt psalm 84:10: “I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my god, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness. “ In the ushers ministry it is our privilege to serve the body wherever the need arises. We are looking for people with a heart of service. It is our mission to offer support to our Pastor and members so they can focus on prayer and teaching of the Word.


 If you feel led and have a desire to serve the Lord through greeting others and supporting the pastoral staff we would welcome you to this ministry. Please contact Timothy Jamison through the Church office for any further information.  The Ushers meeting are every 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM.


Click Here for the 2012 Ushers Council Meeting Dates

Officers: 2013 – 2015

President: Timothy E. Jamison

1st Vice President: Ann Ross

2nd Vice President: James Coleman

Correspondence Secretary: Peggy Bingham

Recording Secretary: Amanda Faucette

Treasure: Pattie Mitchell

Financial Secretary: Sandra Marks

Senior Advisor: Andrew Wallace

Chaplain: Lucretia Bennett


Shiloh Baptist Church Senior Ushers Ministry

Shiloh Baptist Church Junior Ushers Ministry

Seniors Ministry

Co-Chairs -  Phillistine Chester and Audrey Willis

This Ministry was established for the Senior members of Shiloh Baptist Church to foster and promote activities for their interests.  An early fun project was the making of a religious quilt for Pastor Armstrong, containing our favorite Bible verses.  Our Community outreach extends to Spring and Fall donations of personal products to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen.  In addition, we as a ministry donate toys for Shiloh’s community Christmas party.  Books and toys have also been given to the Trenton Preservation House.  Current pertinent senior issues, legal, social security, and health information are provided by speakers and seminars throughout the year.


The dinner theatre production of a play “Willa Mae’s Last Will and Testament” was a crowning success, due to the splendid talent of our seniors.  Another play is on the way!


The Seniors also enjoy trips several times during the year to theaters in nearby areas, which afford members an afternoon of fellowship, lunch, and entertainment.  Our annual Christmas Luncheon is well attended, which makes for a great social occasion.


Senior Ministry Meetings

Third Thursdays - 1:00 p.m. -  John White Chapel

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