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Shiloh Baptist Church

Haiti Mission Fund


Message From The Pastor

written Wednesday 1/13/2010 from the US Embassy

We need your donations for Haiti!!! Haiti is completely devastated. Many dead bodies are strewn in the streets. It is a humanitarian crisis of the first magnitude! Please make whatever size donation to the “Shiloh Baptist Church - Haiti Mission Fund.” Thank you on behalf of thousands of Haitian Citizens.

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The Earthquake


Initial News Account (CBS 3)

Shiloh Prayer Service (ABC 6)

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The Missionaries Return

The Haiti Missionaries Thanksgiving Prayer

 Return To Shiloh (Video)

Fox 29 - Part 1 * Part 2 * Part3

ABC 6 - Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3

CBS 3 - Part 1

NJN News - Part 1

ABC Nightly News

Humanitarian Mission - CBS 3

Pastor Armstrong's Response (view)

to Pat Robertson Haiti Comments

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Missionaries Receive Image Award

From The City of Trenton


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 The Haitian History -  ABC Nightly News

Effects OF The Earthquake

 ABC Nightly News

WZBN / WIMG Interview


You Tube Video

The History Of Haiti 1

The History Of Haiti 2

(presented during the 02/21/2010 service)

Newspaper Articles


Posted January 10, 2011 - Trenton Times Article - Part1 - Part2


Click Here To View NY Times Editorial on Haiti


Story: The TRENTONIAN January 14, 2010

Haiti crisis: Shiloh's Rev. Armstrong part of 3-church group hit by quake

TRENTON: Shiloh Baptist Church Rev. Darrell Armstrong is right where God wants him, according to congregation members. Three members of Shiloh praised Armstrong for being part of a mission that traveled to Haiti with medical supplies, food, eyeglasses and cell phones, knowing that Armstrong had continued a mission started by church members Laura Steward and Sister Audrey Kauffman more than 20 years ago. For more of this story, click here


Story: The TRENTONIAN January 15, 2010

Haiti in crisis: Shiloh Baptist Rev. Armstrong Safe!

TRENTON; A resilient local minister managed to text message his wife to let her know that he and his missionary group were all right in Haiti. Rev. Darrell Armstrong of Shiloh Baptist Church sent his message via the U.S. Embassy in Haiti, telling his wife that he and other group members from the Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville, Kingdom Church and several members of his congregation were safe. For more of this story click here.


Story: NorthJersey.com January 20, 2010

TEANECK — A New Jersey pastor who witnessed the immediate aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti encouraged worshipers Tuesday to place a greater value on the basics that many take for granted.


The Rev. Darrell Armstrong reminded parishioners in Teaneck on Tuesday not to take life for granted.

That was the message the Rev. Darrell Armstrong wanted to convey to the 150 people who gathered at the Church of St. Anastasia to hear him recount a harrowing trip to Haiti — but also what he thought people back home should learn from a disaster that left tens of thousands dead and a city in ruins.

For more of this story click here.


Story: Philadelphia Inquirer January 16, 2010

A church trip turned hectic as quake hit

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. - The 20 church members arrived in Port-au-Prince at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, heading for the remote mountain village of Thoman, where they planned to spend three days providing food and medical treatment to poor residents.

They were riding in small buses along narrow roads when rocks and boulders began falling into the roadway and rolling dirt covered the valley.

"We knew we were there on a divine mission," Pastor Darrell Armstrong said during a news conference yesterday at Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville upon the group's arrival home, "but we did not expect to arrive during one of the most cataclysmic events in the island's history." For more of this story click here.

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